Success Stories


Event: Red Robin National Managers Meeting


Client: Unbridled Solutions



Overview: The client invested in a custom set that was centered on a 70’ wide video screen. They wanted a performer that was "video-centric", could perform during the walk-in of guests at 8:00am, create a custom piece to be performed live during the final day's general session, create custom pieces for the awards ceremony, and lastly, play the party afterwards. The general session piece had to reflect the goals of week-long conference, incorporate highlights from keynote speakers' offsite events, and theme it to their superhero conference theme. The award show intro was to be centered on the superhero theme, grab attendees' attention, and turn focus to the stage. The morning piece had to be energetic and entertaining. And lastly, the after party performance needed to be relevant to the age group, entertaining, and appropriate.

Solution: Roonie worked closely with the production team and the client's videographer to ensure the correct footage was captured and available for quick editing. The last footage arrived at 11:00pm and Roonie worked through the night to create the content. All four performances went off perfectly and the client was delighted.

The impact Roonie made on this client has resulted in them booking him for the last 4 consecutive years. They now consider him a "must-have" staple of the annual conference.

Morning Warm-Up


General Session


Award Show Intro


Event: International Pow Wow 2012 Los Angeles

Client: Eventworks & the Los Angeles Tourism Bureau

Overview: The client needed an act to perform during the evening event between multiple A-list acts, and also create a cohesive atmosphere so the night had a perfect flow. The event had an extensive list of tiered sponsors that required branding throughout the event, a message that had to be portrayed, and most importantly, they wanted the event to be FUN. The client had a second event on day two with a custom 5-minute piece promoting California, with an emphasis on Los Angeles.

Solution: Roonie worked with the client, city, sponsors and tourism bureau to gather raw footage and create multiple custom segments that fulfilled sponsor requirements as well as fitting the "feel" of the evening. Roonie also created test versions of the custom piece to be played during the General Session the following day. The client was able to review the piece in advance, give input and review the final piece prior to the live performance. Several versions of the final product were made so the tourism bureau could utilize them in future marketing campaigns.


Eventworks is a big fan of Roonie G. His creativity for creating entertaining media to music is totally unique and fabulous. Roonie G is an incredible performer.

Event: Brown & Brown Insurance Orlando, FL

Client: Hello Florida

Overview: Brown and Brown is a Florida-based insurance company that holds their annual conference in Orlando. The client's DMC is always being challenged to out-do their creative from the year before. In 2014, they commissioned Roonie G to come and perform in a dual capacity.

Solution: Roonie met with the show's producers in advance, created a timeline and a desired shot list for their video crew, and refined the sentiment that the video should portray. On day one of the award show, he created custom video bumpers as unique walk-ups for the winners. On day two, he created a custom piece to perform live the next morning to kick off the final day's general session. To accomplish this, Roonie started prep work early in the afternoon and waited till just after midnight to receive the final footage of that evening's festivities. After pulling an all-nighter, he was ready with content in hand for an 8:00am performance.

Event: Shionogi Inc. Annual Sales Conference: Tucson, AZ

Client: East Coast Entertainment

Overview: A pharmaceutical client responsible for Osphena originally desired a high-energy, name-act DJ to perform for their annual conference celebration. Roonie was secured, and during the pre-event conference call, the client described a "fire and ice" theme concept. A great act, <em>Fear No Ice</em>, was to perform at the beginning and then immediately throw it to Roonie to create the "fire". During the discussion, the client mentioned they wanted something custom for the intro; something creative that would grab guests' attention, interject some humor, and set up the "fire" theme that would continue throughout the night.

Solution: Roonie flew in the day prior, met with their video team, and made sure he had the proper video footage. He did additional research online and acquired one of their recent commercials. Roonie then created a custom mix that incorporated their keynote speakers, their commercial, and the energy necessary to carry the night forward with the "fire" theme. The client was absolutely amazed and future work is currently being discussed.